Stop the Neo-Nazi march on November 10th. 2007 in Prague

Am 10. November wollen tschechische Neonazis, anlässlich des Jahrestages der "Reichskristallnacht" durch das jüdische Viertel Prags marschieren.
Diverse gesellschaftliche Organisationen Prags, sowie die tschechische Antifa rufen zur Blockade auf:

Stop the neo-Nazi marches!

On the night of November 9-10, 1938, a devastating wave of pogroms took place against the Jewish population throughout Nazi Germany. Ninety-one people were murdered during “Kristallnacht”, so-called because of the shattered Jewish shop-windows, and thousands of others were taken to concentration camps.

On November 10, 2007, the 69th anniversary of this pogrom, Czech neo-Nazis want to march through the streets of the former Jewish Town in Prague, to “protest against the Czech participation in the war in Iraq”. The real reason behind the march is obvious. It is a public display of the strength of a movement originating from an ideology of hatred and oppression.Organisers of this march call themselves "Young National Democrats", but they are well known activists of the prominent "National Resistance - Narodni Odpor" organisation, a loose structure of the most active Neo-Nazis responsible for organising dozens of marches and public actions in the last 10 years. These Combat 18 wannabes showed their strength last time on May Day 2007 when 600 of them attempted to march through the city of Brno. This time they have come with this carefully planned provocation.

We have already stood up against such an attempt in the past when the local Neo-Nazis tried to march through the Jewish neighbourhood in 2003. They did not pass. And now we are prepared to stop them again. The authorities, the police and the populist gestures of politicians will never curtail the activities of the neo-Nazis. We believe that only day-to-day active resistance by all those who oppose neo-Nazism and any other totalitarian ideology can stop their followers.

Let’s confront the neo-Nazis together and show we aren’t indifferent to what’s happening on our streets.

The blockade of the neo-Nazi march starts on Saturday November 10, 2007 at 2:30pm at Náměstí Republiky in Prague.
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